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Luggage Spots is a site built to help others find the perfect piece of luggage for their travel with the best luggage reviews, and to create a place where travelers can share their experiences and find the right piece of luggage.

Enter the giveaway by adding a link of any page on http://luggagespots.com/ in your blog/social media post.

Include the link in an article/post with a related topic such as Travel, Bags, Luggage, Reviews, etc. The giveaway is open to bloggers, travelers and anybody who are interested in travel and bags and would like to participate.

The top five posts with the highest quality scores win a Monarch lunch bag prize each, valued at $79.99. Keep your post relevant to the overall theme of the giveaway.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a note as it will help me to improve my site and serve the community better.
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